Other organizations active in the field of the mounds

Many other organizations are also active in the field of mound research and mounds.

Museums and information points exhibit finds and provide information about life on the salt marshes and mounds. Sister associations in the field of archeology are also active in the Northern Netherlands.

If you know of any other websites with information about terps and mounds, please let us know via the contact form.


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University of Groningen, Groningen Institute for Archeology (GIA)

Publications available online from the Groningen Institute for Archaeology:
- Soil traces: Reports and excavation reports from the GIA, mostly in Dutch, including a lot of mound and mound research (complete reports and individual chapters, organized by year; in the column on the left you can request all reports and excavation reports from a specific author)
- The Dutch popular science magazine Paleo-aktueel (searchable and downloadable)
- The international scientific journal Palaeohistoria (searchable and downloadable)
- Image collection Groningen Institute for Archeology (under construction)

University of Groningen, Terpencentrum

Build Firdgum sod house

Lower Saxony Institute for Historical Coastal Research (NIhK), Wilhelmshaven

East Frisian landscape, Aurich

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